Welcome to the colors of Sound

Today begins the next and very exciting chapter in our company history. We are pleased to introduce our new brand. Welcome to SigniaSiemens-Signia-double-branding_en-928x320Signia will be our new product brand which we will build jointly with the Siemens brand over the coming years. We are very excited about this step, as we can leverage the best from both brands through dual branding.On the one hand we will continue to benefit from consumers’ confidence in the name Siemens and on the other hand we will be able to connect with a younger and broader audience through striking communication in contemporary channels. Signia will allow us to appeal to a larger target group that will be the basis for future business growth. The enclosed brand introduction booklet describes what our new brand stands for: our brand promise, our philosophy and our core values.

We add a new brand but we take nothing away. Your contacts will remain the same, as well as contracts, agreements, warranties and service policies. As always, you can rely on the exceptional products, attractive programs, and passionate people that you have come to expect from us.

Our promise to you is to continue to develop hearing innovations that center on your customer and deliver the highest levels of quality and satisfaction. Signia will provide you with a comprehensive portfolio of advanced hearing solutions and create life-changing technologies that welcome you and your customers to the colors of sound.

We are committed to inventing the future of better hearing and we enjoy and appreciate your partnership in joining this exciting journey.